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  Model SMA-CN00  
  Type Meat mincing machine  
  Detailed Info
A cutting machine most frequently used in the processing of meat foods, the RJRJ series meat mincing machine can cut the raw material meat into granules of different sized by being matched with mesh plates of different hole diameters in line with technological requirements of meat food processing. The minimum diameter of meat granules may reach 5mm, while the maximum one may reach 30mm. Adopting side cutting feeding, the present machine offers a fast and fluent material discharging, and the meat stuffing, after being cut, is of a low temperature rise. All the parts in contact with meat material such as: working screw stem, working chamber, squeezing sleeve, material bucket, main blade seat and machine casing, are manufactured of stainless steel, which is in full conformity to food hygienic requirements. Especially the working screw stem is integrally cast of stainless steel, and is of high strength, non-deformation and stable properties.
  Model SMA-CN01  
  Type Single way sausage binding machine  
  Detailed Info
The model sma-cn01 single way sausage binding machine is self-developed on the basis of the national conditionsof our country, and the machine adopts pneumatic driving and cotton thread for binding, being clean, hygienic, highly efficient, energy-saving and in conformity to the food hygienic requirements. It is of a semi-automatic type, the sausages with a diameter less than 40mm are to be fed into the binding machine, and the sausages are moved manually, by adjusting the positioning unit to determine the sausage length range (20-400mm) to carry out the binding. The machine is applicable to the products made of natural sausage casings as well as collagen, fiber and smoked sausage casings.Technical parameters:
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  Restaurant Equipment
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